Vardacka Mosque’s tower is the witness of the war which happened in 1992-1995 in Konjic-Bosnia.

Vardacka Mosque carries traces of war on its tower still.

The mosque is one of the hundreds of targeted mosques from war.

People who are living in Konjic says Veteran to Mosque.

Lots of people visit this mosque and see war’s history.

The mosque, one of the 47 mosques in the city and it was built in 1645.

All of other mosques were repaired by people, but this one wasn’t for remembering the war.

It was unfortunately turned barn after the II. World War by people.

It was reopened in 1971 by public of Konjic.

Video from Hurseda Haber’s Youtube Channel.

Let’s listen to a Bosnian song from Bosnia

Bosnian Song from AlirTaha’s SoundCloud’s page.