Golden Hinde II ship, that is almost 500 years old, is the excited and historical museum in the centre of London you can visit.

Golden Hinde II, that was landed in 1579 on the west coast of North America, ship located near the Thames and Pickfords Wharf and everybody can visit for only £6.

The ship includes old guns, staff’s materials, cabins (beds, tables, chairs, etc.) and other old things like shovels.

Staff allows to visit to most of the ship’s places.

The ship’s official website said: “Golden Hinde II was the dream of two American businessmen, Albert Elledge and Art Blum, who, in 1968, wished to commemorate the upcoming 400th anniversary of Sir Francis Drake’s landing on the west coast of North America in 1579.

If you are looking for near and exciting also economical place in London, this ship-museum is the best choice for you.

The video from Golden Hinde II’s Official YouTube Page.