Online Publishing Lesson gives valuable information to students about web skills in LSJ (London School of Journalism)

LSJ is the most famous journalism school in the UK and maybe the world. There are lessons about writing, editing, reporting etc. And one of these is “Online Publishing”. This lesson teaches several things about something online publishing, building social media pages, online visibility etc.

Chris Wheal who is teacher of this lesson is expert about online skills. He taught important information, which is needs to know by journalists, to students. The biggest part of students probably didn’t know anything about blogs, some social pages, and publishing online or building basic pages. Chirs gave examples of these through his own site and pages.

On the other hand, Wheal took care of online visibility. He took note of the contact information contained in social media accounts and their attention to journalists. Chris also talked about the personalization of these pages.

Wheal describes him-self as a journalist, an editor and a trainer on his personal web-site. And he gives some useful information about their jobs.

Video from Chris’s YouTube page.